Top Things that You Should Check in a Designated Driver

29 Jul

A designated driver is a person who abstains from alcohol at a social event such as wine party so to be fit to take others home.  Besides, a designated driver should always be safe, sober and sane throughout the party for them to accomplish their goals. By the end of this article, you will be in a position to know some of the qualities that a designated driver is supposed to possess.  

One of the things that you should confirm that he knows how to drive.  One thing that you should know is that there is no difference between being a driver and driving the people who are drunk in fact you need to be more careful.  Therefore, a designated driver should have a valid license that qualifies them to be professional drivers.  By verifying the licensing you will be in a position to know that you are safe in the hands of a professional. In addition, you can as well check if they have an operational car with no mechanical problems and full functional taillights. Find the best Sonoma County designated driver services or find out more now on how to hire the right designated drivers.

Besides, it is also essential to make sure that the designated driver has the high tolerance. If you want to know one of the hardest and tiresome things is dealing with friends who are already drunk.  First of all, they are always careless, abusive and convincing them to get into the car can be a hill to climb.  Honestly, this too much to bear if you are not tolerant and you may find yourself fighting or you may get annoyed and abandon them in the party.

Apart from that, they should also be prepared.  When you have accepted the responsibility of driving your drunk friends' home then you need to be prepared for anything.  The best thing that you should do is to have your mindset and ready to receive any incidence that might come your way. Like you should be prepared to drive late at night and quick stops by the roadside.

Apart from that, it is essential for a designated driver to have extreme focus. This is something that is normal for the people who are drunk as they are always destructive with silly questions and comments which can make you involved in a road accident. For that matter a designated driver should be someone who cannot keep their eyes off the road no matter how noisy the drunk friends might be.

Last but not least, they should be humorous.  You find that drunk fellows always do a lot of funny things and you will only feel comfortable when you also like making fun.

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